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 Jas's Event list

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Jas's Event list Empty
PostSubject: Jas's Event list   Jas's Event list EmptyThu Jun 21, 2012 12:40 am

Week 1 - Warm up week
Monday: Pest control - I will be there all day
Tuesday: Runespan - I will be on the top level Smile
Wednesday: Resource catch up - at the clan citadel
Thursday: Mole massacre - Falador park; spade, light source and pray pots
Friday: Resource catch up - at the clan citadel
Saturday: Duel/fight arena - here's your chance to shine, use new combos
Sunday: rest day *

Week 2 - The gauntlet week
Monday: King black dragon killing - in the wilderness
Tuesday: Clan wars - attendance is vital**
Wednesday: Resource catch up - at the clan citadel
Thursday: Barrows - working progress
Friday: Mole killing - under falador park
Saturday: Resource catch up - at the clan citadel
Sunday: Rest day *

Week 3 - World tour week
Monday: Hide and find with me ***
Tuesday: Fishing trawler minigame
Wednesday: Clan questing - I will be questing this day all day, join me and let's crack them together! =]
Thursday: Clan dungeoneering - I will be there all day
Friday: Resource catch up - at the clan citadel
Saturday: Green dragons in the wilderness - feel free to kill any bots there to -
Sunday: Rest day *

Week 4 - The creativity week
You decide the events this week, the power is in your hands not mine .
Events that are enjoyable/work will be permanently added as a clan event don't hesitate to give me new ideas I am always looking for new event ideas.

* Every sunday there may be a clan meeting at 4pm if you are online you must attend.
**Clan wars please attend it is unfair to others if you do not attend.
*** I will explain the rules of hide and find on the day.
When all weeks finish it will rotate back to week 1.

The clan will also do many other events that co-ordinator and plus ranks will organise such as:

99 parties, burthrope games room, fishing trawler, gnomeball, woodcutting firemaking and fletching day, mining and smithing day, combat day, stealing creations, god wars, barrows, pvmming a certain monster, agility day at ape atoll, thieving day at ardougne/keldagrim/bandit camp, bot killing at the green dragons, hunter day and the big fishing and cooking day. Smile
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Jas's Event list
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