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 Nomad Boss Fight

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Nomad Boss Fight Empty
PostSubject: Nomad Boss Fight   Nomad Boss Fight EmptyMon Jun 25, 2012 10:10 am

This is a guide for defeating Nomad for anyone who needs help Very Happy.

Nomad Boss Fight Low_lv10
Lower level setup:
Royal/Black Dragonhide, Neitiznot, Glory/Fury, Dboots, Barrows Gloves (or best rfd gloves), best ring you have, Dragon defender, whip (ignore vine on pic Razz), best cape for attk/str/prayer, reverence/vampirism/penance aura.

Inventory - sara brew flasks with restore flasks (3 brews to 1 restore - extra restore optional for misclick), super attk and str pots, spirit kyatt + 30 or more scrolls highly reccomended, bandos godsword for spec.

Nomad Boss Fight Highlv10
Higher level setup:
Ganodermic armour for mage absorbtion, fire cape or Tokhaar-kal, best ring you have, Barrows gloves, D boots, Fury ammy, reverence/penance/vampirism, D defender, Korasi's sword (on stab attack style), D claws or Bgs for specs.

Inventory - exactly the same unless you have steel titan etc.

Strategy: Make sure auto retaliate is off! Start with your specs then attack on stab style - keep your health as high as possible - his max hit with normal attacks is about 350 but it is partially absorbed by ganodermic (prayer has no effect). Used leech curses throughout the fight unless you have turmoil/soul split. Remember to offload kyatt special attacks where possible. This is the basic background of the fight, all you need to worry about is special attacks and the 'mines' he spawns around you which hits you for 400 damage if you step on them.

Special attacks:
1) Nomad splits into 4 and they all attack you - 3 of the Nomads attack you all at once and the 4th has a slight delay - the one with the delay is the real Nomad, and the others will disappear once you hit him.
2)Nomad will freeze you (like ice barrage) and teleport a few spaces away from you - then he will charge an attack that takes you to 1hp! (it only hits about 600 when wearing Ganodermic) - this is unavoidable and you should just be ready to brew straight after.
3)Nomad has a smaller charge attack which hits 750 (about 500 with Gano) - you can hide behind the pillars to avoid this attack but i chose not to because if you hide for too long he will restore to full health.

<Notes> - When Nomad is brought down to 25% health for the first time he will heal himself back to half, the second time he is brought down to 25% health he will go 'beserk' and start attacking really fast - at this point the fight is easy.

Nomad Boss Fight Nomad10
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Nomad Boss Fight
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