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 Regicide - easy route through Tirannwyn

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Regicide - easy route through Tirannwyn Empty
PostSubject: Regicide - easy route through Tirannwyn   Regicide - easy route through Tirannwyn EmptySat Jun 23, 2012 11:59 pm

Just a sort of reminder for myself or anyone else who can help him.
Items needed - summer pies, food, antipoison, weapons/armour (maybe).

1) From the exit of the underground pass on the elf side - head west via either the north or south path (they both lead to same place (north one has a stick trap))

2)Follow the path south-westwards (watch for the pitfall trap) until you arrive at the elf musician.

3)Take the south-west path past the stick trap then head directly south to the clearing (elf tracker here).

4)Head straight west through the dense forest to the small clearing with the yew trees.

5)Go north past the tripwire and then the dense forest and follow the path round to the north west to the quest marked clearing.

6)Head south through the dense forest and you are at Tyras Camp!

If you are earlier on in the quest you can head up the north west path at step 3 (north of the dense forest), past the leaf trap and the north across the log. Smile
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Regicide - easy route through Tirannwyn
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