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 Fishing 99 help

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alcohol king

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Fishing 99 help  Empty
PostSubject: Fishing 99 help    Fishing 99 help  EmptySat Jun 23, 2012 4:56 am

Again this is a help section for fishing help/ advice...

If you want to get 99 fishing quickly then do either barbarian fly fishing and drop or do fly fishing at Shilo Village... Unless you are f2p where i recommend doing fly fishing at barbarian village.. :/ these are quickest ways as stated but they make little to no money...

However, If u are the money making type a suggestion would be to fish tuna and swordfish while later on fishing either monkfish, sharks or rocktails.... all these things will make you very good money. I highly advise against fishing lobsters as they take forever to do and make the money isnt as good....

Fishing can be very helpful if you also plan on cooking after... for example fishing salmon, trout or tuna (as said in cooking guide) will make you money after you fished them... plus any fish you cook you can then use as food when training combat skills or slayer..... or even when doing things like agility/ thieving

I would recommend if you are fishing rocktails that you should be wary of the environment you are in as they are aggressive and can kill you... however if u keep a eye out you should be grand fine Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Happy fishing Very Happy If anyone thinks of other things please feel free to add Very Happy Very Happy

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Fishing 99 help
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