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 The clan rules

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The clan rules Empty
PostSubject: The clan rules   The clan rules EmptyThu Jun 21, 2012 5:27 am

Welcome to Regal Skillers this clan was created on 6th Sept 2011.

This clan is designed to be friendly and fair above all remember these two F's.
If you are needing help with quests, skills, combats or events it will be given.

This rule is very important and I want everyone to remember it: Do not at anytime insult another clan member this will result in serious consequences.
Everyone in this clan will have a duty to perform for the clan.
The more you fulfill this duty the more rewarded you be from the clan.
"One act of random kindness at a time will make a better person and a better world"

If you are particularly good at a skill or an event and you would like to help people in that skill or event. If you want to be in charge of the a skill then you will be given a role as a co-ordinator. If you want to be in charge of something clanwise and not skill wise you will given the role as an overseer. These kind of roles will be very helpful to the clan which help lighten the leaders and overseers workload.

The clan rules
-Each member must try there best to do the resources each week in the citadel. If you do not try and do the resources you will get demoted.
(If you cannot please contact me immediatly don't be scared of contacting me i am here to help )

-If on runescape come in the clan chat.
(If you cannot again tell me why not I think I am more reasonable than most)

-Join in clan events and suggest clan events.
(I am always looking for new events and ideas )

-There will be clan meetings once per month attendance is vital.
(If you don't attend I can't ask if there are any problems)

-Stay on our clan home world 83 at all times.
(If you are on other worlds because of events like pest control of course that is acceptable just come on 83 from time to time )

-Our clan event loot share world is 84

-It would help if you had a membership but this clan does allow free to play players to join =]

-Do not scam other players if you scam another player then be prepared to be kicked.

-Do not try to get someone kicked from the clan it will just result in you being kicked. (I will ask why someone got kicked.)

-If you change your name tell me or post it on the thread so I am aware of this.

-Don't swear or degrade any players it's just not nice and will result in being demoted or probably banned from the clan depending on the severity of the matter.

-Overseers or higher can take out the clan avatar this must be dismissed after use and only used in world 83

Player killing
Killing other players that are not in the clan is acceptable but killing clan members is not.
If you do kill a clan member the items must be returned immediatly or face the result of being booted immediatly.
If both players decide to kill each other in a "safe activity" that is acceptable.

Clan citadel
The clan citadel is the heart of our clan currently at tier 4.
Enabling us to carry out all these fun events sometimes they can be masked by the citadel upkeep.
As I said earlier each player must do the resources each week currently 1400 resources per week.
When you first join the clan there will be a probation period this is unfortunatly jagex rules not mines.
Probation lasts a week so everyone that joins will get a resource free week
PLEASE PLEASE do not do all the resources in one day this will be far to much to do 1400 in one day you can spread it out over the week, for example maybe get half done on the first day then do 200 each day until they are finished.

Recruiting - The "FULL" recruitment
*Only generals can recruit
Well done if you have made it to this rank it is a great rank to achieve =].

1. Click on the plus icon at the bottom of clan chat then click on the player. If they accept they will appear on the clan chat list. (They must not be in a clan for this to work)

2. Once they are in clan chat they will need to read our clan forum. There are 2 ways to do this.
A) Place your clan vexillum in the ground and get them to read it ask them to click on the link: 39ep (the forum will open in a new tab).

B) Or you can open clan chat andclick on the "i" at the bottom of Clan chat, this will take them to the clan forum.

3. Once they have read the clan forum ask a test question An example of a test question would be: "What event does the Clan do on Thursdays?".
This is done to make sure they have read the clan forum a very vital step
Once they've answered a test question correctly you can move on.

4. Now it's time to get them a clan cape vexillum and a clan photo ask them to go with you to Falador. ( providing them with a Falador teletab is always nice to do as well). Once at Falador take them to the photo booth in the south West corner of Falador get them to have a photo of their character taken. Then go south through the gate and head east, past the citadel portal and to where you get clan cape and vexillum from the ncp's.

5. Take them to our clan citadel (the blue portal you walked past earlier west of the cape and vex).
Get them to select the "Visit your clan citadel" option.

6). Once inside citadel you need to take them to the all the skill plots (tree and mine will do).
This is where you do resources tell them they must try and do 1400 resoures if you cannot manage this please message I will let you less depending on your circumstances =].

7). Show them how to use the map

Cool. Tell there is a bank in the keep

Well done that's done =]

Recruit - cannot be promoted until "FULLY" recruited
Corporal - must do two weeks resources to be promoted to sergeant
Sergeant - must do three weeks resources to be promoted to lieutenant
Lieutenant - must do the weeks resources and recruit one NEW member
Captain - must do the weeks resources and recruit two NEW members
General - must do the weeks resources AND recruit members to maintain rank

Once you reach general/serious contribution/adept achivement you can be assigned a special rank below by me

These ranks below must also recruit and resource

Admin - Overlooks the clan and noted for being able to resolve conflitcs thier word is absolute final next to my word

Organiser - Organise clan meetings and forum posts

Coordinator - In charge of skills particular 99 skills they answer questions on skills

Overseer - Incharge of job positions explained below

Deputy leader - FkNLegend3 - Incharge of the citadel, setting goals and discussion

Leader - JASSYRAWR - Incharge of clan events, citadel and clan chat

Player positions
Overseer positions

Bad911 - "Special overseer" clan order
BensonHedges - "leader overseer" in charge of the overseers and clan chat
SucklemyNoob - in charge of resource co-ordinating
Teh evil smurf in charge of clan events
TwiistedFate - in charge of clan events


KurtieG - "Adept rank" - incharge of pking
OliveOil401 - Answers questions on any combat skill + slayer, cooking, woodcutting, fletching and firemaking
LazyCoryZ - Answers any questions on thieving, firemaking, fletching and cooking
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The clan rules
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